A Law That Only You Can Perceive

My favorite marketing law is the law of perception.

The law states “marketing is not a battle of products, it’s a battle of perceptions” These 12 words run through my mind all day from when I wake up to when I sleep (and probably in my dreams). One of the great laws in marketing who we owe thanks to Mr. Ries & Mr. Trout.

Every brand’s ultimate dream is to have a position in a consumers mind that (for the most part) never changes. That perception in their mind becomes the consumer’s reality. It does not matter if another product in the marketplace is better. Once that perception (reality) is created it is very hard to change.

Our job as marketers is to create that reality… I didn’t say it was easy!


Campbell’s is the #1 selling soup in the USA. Heinz is the #1 selling ketchup in the USA. Heinz makes a variety of products and one of them is soup. Heinz soup flopped in the USA. Why? They make ketchup. Who wants soup from a company that shouts the word “ketchup” in your mind when you think Heinz. But Heinz is a leader in the growing soup category in Europe and is tops in the U.K. Over there the reality is different from ours.

Does Campbell’s make better soup than Heinz? Who knows. What does your perception tell you?

Manpreet Jassal


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