What’s in a Name?

There are a plethora of names you can think of when you think of great brands. Some are:


At my company we are getting an account to brand a mall in NJ that only has famous Indian designer clothes. (The South Asian Indian Population in NY & NJ is roughly 500,000) A great concept because this mall has narrowed it’s focused to only carry famous Indian designer brands. This has not been done before. Usually South Asian Indians go back to India to get their exclusive and expensive clothes (now this mall will save them a trip half way across the world). So what’s the name of this mall? “The Mall at Oak Tree” (because it’s on Oak Tree rd). Now the owner wants to brand this concept and open locations across the states and still call it the “The Mall at Oak Tree”.

I don’t think that’s a great way to brand this Mall. You need a unique name that also positions itself in the consumers mind. When women think of shopping for designer Indian wear, the mall’s name should automatically pop up. “The Mall at Oak Tree” is kind of a hard name to be positioned in the consumers mind. Generic names tend to not catch on with people.

I live near 2 malls, one is called Roosevelt Field and the other is called the Source. Anytime you hear those 2 names you exactly know what the person is talking about and what inside each mall. The owner should change the mall’s name, do tons of great PR, and then start to advertise his brand. If the name is not right from the beginning all this time and money are most likely going to go to waste.

They are telling me at my agency we cannot change the name (it’s been open for less than a year). I don’t see why not. In this case, change is good.

William Shakespeare’s famous line in Romeo & Juliet “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet.” Too bad it does not apply in marketing!

Manpreet Jassal

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