Why do I need a twitter account?

I feel like every time I sit down with my friends either at a restaurant or at a bar nobody understands the power of social media. Everyone thinks it’s a photo sharing site where you just talk to your friends and you follow famous people.

So this past Friday I sat down with my friends and one of them was an ENT specialist. He asked me why would I ever need a twitter account? I told him you really don’t need one. If you want to be a regular ENT specialist and just go by with what every other specialist is doing then you don’t need a Twitter account. But unless you want to build a personal brand then you cannot do that without a twitter account. It’s not about following people it’s about educating people and interacting with them. Basically humanizing your brand!

You might be the best ENT specialist in the state but if nobody knows who you are or can reach you easily, How will you then reach the people you want to reach?

I told him to just educate and answer peoples questions and before you know it, you will have a following and a brand. Needless to say he opened his Twitter account the next day. I will update you year from now on what’s happening with him!

Manpreet Jassal


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