Death of the Real Estate Agent?

The title of this post might be a little provocative but I really think that this is going to happen soon. I was watching CNBC one day and some executive from Zillow was on talking about you can pretty much get the value of your house from their website. I totally agree. How can you market you own house? Here are a couple of tips that will help you sell your own house any day of the week. Put your house up on Zillow and Craiglist and then do this:

  1. Set up a phone number on Google Voice that’s just a voicemail where people can leave their info for YOU to call them back. If you don’t do this you will be getting calls all times during the day on your cellphone or house.
  2. Most important step: Do not show your house to anyone that asks. Before they come to your house you ask them to email, fax or bring with them their pre-approval letter from their bank. This will weed out so many people just casually looking so they do not waste your time. Understand, NOT pre-qualification letter. You need a pre-approval letter. What’s the difference? View here:
  3. It matters what state your are in so make sure to get a lawyer that has been doing real estate for a long time.
  4. Make sure you price your house to sell. Do not be greedy or you will be disappointed.

Just doing these things you can sell your house yourself. There are many other things you can do as well, but I just wanted to share the top important things you need to get started. Now maybe a real estate agent can help you buy a house, I just talked about a selling your house in the next post I will talk about how to buy a house from a real estate agent or the owner. I hope this helps you save time and money.

If you have any questions, tweet me @mjassal

(Former real estate agent)

2 thoughts on “Death of the Real Estate Agent?

  1. You left out some very important details in your 4 points .

    1) Fine set up a voice mail to cut down on ringing on your personal phone but most importantly return all calls or emails quickly. If you don’t you will lose many of your potential buyer leads to other sellers or even real estate agents could steer them away from you.

    2) Sell the home instead of putting road blocks in front of callers!! You need to tell the caller what a great home you have so they will want to see it .. they are calling to see if they want to cross you off their list or not. If you were a real estate agent qualifying them is very important because you don’t want to waste yours or the buyers time, it helps a lot to target the right homes up front. But because your goal is to get as many people into your home as possible show everyone who shows interest. Do car dealers make you prove you can buy or do they want you to come in so you can fall in love with the car first before they hit you over the head about money?

    3) Make sure that who ever you hire to do your contract that they know you want to sell and that they should not make it so difficult during negotiations or make the contract to one sided to your benefit that the buyer backs out.

    4) Be sure you research Zillows own statistics on accuracy of their Zestimate. You could very easily under or over price your home resulting in a bad deal for you. They strongly suggest when putting a home on the market you consult with a professional who has access to accurate comparable sales data. Doesn’t have to be a real estate agent, you could hire an appraiser to do this. A couple of hundred dollars up front could save you thousands of dollars and months of aggravation.

    Go ahead and sell your home yourself .. for me I will always hire someone who is a lot better at doing something like this when the cost is small when compared against its overall value to me.


    • Thanks for leaving a comment. So.. I did not go into that much detail on the post, I wrote it on a whim, and maybe I should of put more details but I thought that was implied.

      I agree with points 1, 3 and 4. Point #2 I have to disagree. The goal is not to have as many people come through my house as possible its to have the RIGHT people come to my house as possible. If that was the case I would just hold open houses all the time (which are a waste). You want serious buyers coming to your house and not wasting your time. If a person really is in the market for a house, they would already have a pre-approval letter.

      If you price your home right you can sell it at market price. I understand your overall point but I just think the world is heading towards cutting out the middle man and real estate agents are just getting the in way.



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