@Jetblue is my friend



I wanted to write this post a while ago but it slipped my mind.  So the story goes: I was coming back from Gartner Symposium and got to the airport (pre-checked online) to stand at the bag drop line for Jetblue. The line was long and slow. I saw a Manager (checking his phone every 30 secs, looking like he was texting) stand there looking like he does not care that the line is getting longer and only 2 people are helping at the bag drop counters.  

So I did what everyone should do, but they don’t.  I took a picture of the manager texting and sent it to @jetblue via twitter.  My message: Line is getting longer @jetblue and the manager does not care! 

The first response I got was from another person online saying that they “feel my pain.” I love that. But Jetblue got back to me in 2-3 mins saying asking me what airport I was at, I told them “MCO.”  They told me they will check whats happening and that the manager is only using his phone for work related stuff.   

Another 2-3 mins passed by more people came at the counter and the line started to move faster.  THAT’S THE POWER OF THE SOCIAL MEDIA! Jetblue wrote back to me that we asked and the manager was using his phone for work related issues and that the line is moving along well now. This was awesome. A regular passenger like me had power to make a difference! 

I have to commend and praise Jetblue on getting back to me in a timely manner, treating me like a human and not a number. Will I use Jetblue for a long time even though it might cost me a little more? You betcha!  

(I also love how they are helping out NY now after Sandy, which is why I posted their image)