The Seven Major Positive Emotions as promised

The emotion of DESIRE
The emotion of FAITH
The emotion of LOVE
The emotion of SEX
The emotion of ENTHUSIASM
The emotion of ROMANCE
The emotion of HOPE

Manpreet Jassal


You need to prepare your mind for these emotions and gain control.  You might be asking yourself,  how does this help me in my business development and marketing?  The answer: once you control these emotions you start to create the harmony (energy) you dreamed of for your business.  Knowing is one thing… applying it is a whole another ball game. Start applying.

The Seven Major Negative Emotions

I was reading Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich ( a must read by anyone who wants to run their own business) for the 6th or 7th time last night and came to one of my favorite parts,  The Seven Major Negative and Positive Emotions.   Very simple concept but often never applied.  Today I am going to list the Negative Emotions that are to be avoided by all costs:  

The emotion of FEAR
The emotion of JEALOUSY
The emotion of HATRED
The emotion of REVENGE
The emotion of GREED
The emotion of SUPERSTITION
The emotion of ANGER

You have to get rid of these from your mind, do not be a slave to them.  Positive emotions coming up!

Manpreet Jassal