@ThePitch_AMC is a great show for all ad agencies. That’s it, really.

I am glad #ThePitch came back for a 2nd season on AMC.  I think its a great way for agencies (I worked for 2 in my past life) to see what works and what doesn’t.  The best part of the show is the briefing and of course the Pitch.  The creative process is great as well.  The part that I do not like is the personal stories of everyone.  I do not want to sound rude but most marketers and advertisers watch the show for the agency content not how many kids the ad exec has.

I remember the last episode of the young ad agency executives from mischievous studios, who were specialists in viral videos getting it wrong.  As soon as I heard one of them say, its all about “entertainment” I had a feeling they were not going to win.  The simple reason why: its not all about entertainment.  Its about SELLING. 

The holy grail in marketing: Entertaining the consumer while subliminally selling your product creating brand equity.   


Ad agencies are here to sell the product.  That is their #1 goal.  Entertainment is part of the goal but not the goal itself. Many agencies are forgetting the sales part. Do some research and you will find that the majority of ad agencies who win creative awards do not hold on to the client for long because while the ad might have entertained, the sales were very weak.

Overall, love the show and I hope it keeps on going even though the ratings are low.  I am sure it costs them very, very little to produce the show so it works.  I also love interacting with people via twitter while the show is on… very cool. Keep it going AMC!


Why I dropped @optimum and how they lost out on my money

Since I am in the services industry I had to write this post..

Knock Knock… Hi I am from verizonFIOS and I want to make a deal. So this lady came to my house just cold door knocking trying to make me a better deal than my current cable company, Optimum. I took it. The price was nice but I was just disgusted on how optimum treated its best customers. (and I do mean best). 

Optimum did the same thing, door knock to me to get me out of VerizonFIOS.  The guy told me that he would be my personal contact at Optimum. If I have any problem I would call him and he was great the first 2 calls but a year later when I needed him he told me he got another job within the company.  Thanks for telling me Optimum! Not! I guess they do not do that service anymore and nobody told me. 

Next they raised the prices on me after 2 years.  First they raised it right after my contract ended and then they raised it a little more after a couple of months. I mean why are you raising prices on a person who pays on time?  When I called and asked the person on the phone told me they could not do anything for me in terms of price. I just went with it until VerizonFIOS showed up at my door. Then… 

I called to cancel Optimum and suddenly they were willing to do everything they can for me but I said it was too late.  Sorry! Whoever trained that person who said they could not do anything for me should be reprimanded.  They just lost out over $1800 a year from me. This is just bad service. Raise prices on the person that’s been with you for over 2 years and always pays on time. 

Let’s see how verizonFIOS treats me. 

Marketing advice for Optimum – If you have a twitter account you have to be more active with customers. It’s all about feedback and turning negatives around into positives. Your action is to engage us, not vice versa. Market and service your core customers a lot more and engage them so they can be loyal.  Word of mouth goes a long way.. just look at this post.